Is a beloved muse of the customizer. She’s up for PR, but as a matter of fact she would manage every process at the workshop, though nobody never ain’t take notice of it.

Yuri Shif

Is a customizer generating wild ideas. His fantasies are infinite, just like his thrift. Likes: taking good food, making day-dreams, listening to rockabilly.

Dmitry Lobanok (Dimos)

This super of a mechanic is a skilled drawer capable of doing a project from A to Z. But he’s a kind of bore.

Sergei Molchan (a Silencer)

Is apparently the best national painter and a strict tutor to his assistants.

Alexander Savitsky “Sashok”

 Looking at this young man you’ll never tell that he is a qualified engineer. But try and ask any person in the workshop and the answer will be the same: he is a professional in motor engineering.

Andrey Savitsky

 Some people are happy to do something they were born for. Sometimes it seems that     Andrew can use only a ruler, clamps, a cutter and a welding machine to put any technical   idea into reality.

Maxim Kozlovsky — painter «Max»

Defines all the bumps and hips with his eyes closed. Creates forms accessible not only  through a person’s vision.

Alexey Mischuk «Lesha»

  An electrician is in demand everywhere and every time, he is as essential as air, especially for a workshop where they connect kilometres of wires daily.

Sergey Erenkov —  a tinsmith

Knowledge of geometry, physics and chemistry is a feature of such unique tinsmith. Cloning is strictly forbidden. Copyright.

Pavel Losyk — leather specialist

It is taken for granted that a master is a person who developed his skills to the level of art, who puts headpiece into his work, creativity, the one who makes unusual and unique things. This person can be called a professional twice, because he is a father of 3 daughters.