Is a beloved muse of the customizer. She’s up for PR, but as a matter of fact she would manage every process at the workshop, though nobody never ain’t take notice of it.

Yuri Shif

Is a customizer generating wild ideas. His fantasies are infinite, just like his thrift. Likes: taking good food, making day-dreams, listening to rockabilly.

Dmitry Lobanok (Dimos)

This super of a mechanic is a skilled drawer capable of doing a project from A to Z. But he’s a kind of bore.

Sergei Molchan (a Silencer)

Is apparently the best national painter and a strict tutor to his assistants.

Alexander Savitsky “Sashok”

 Looking at this young man you’ll never tell that he is a qualified engineer. But try and ask any person in the workshop and the answer will be the same: he is a professional in motor engineering.

Andrey Savitsky

 Some people are happy to do something they were born for. Sometimes it seems that     Andrew can use only a ruler, clamps, a cutter and a welding machine to put any technical   idea into reality.

Sergey Erenkov —  a tinsmith

Knowledge of geometry, physics and chemistry is a feature of such unique tinsmith. Cloning is strictly forbidden. Copyright.

Alexei Mishchuk «Lesha»

An electrician is needed everywhere and always, an electrician is needed like air, and especially in the workshop, where kilometers of electrical wires are connected every day.

Павел Лосюк — мастер кожи

Принято считать, что мастер — это человек, достигший высокого искусства в своем  деле, вкладывающий в свой труд смекалку, творчество, делающий необычные  и  оригинальные вещи. Этого человека можно назвать мастером два раза, так как он  еще и папа трех дочерей.