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It’s been more than 5 years since I made up my mind to build this tribute motorcycle to the eminent musician of the 80s.
It was even before I started the Time Machine tribute. I was putting off the realization due to reasons of all kinds, first of them because it was necessary to penetrate deep into Tsoy’s world and his art to create that very appearance of a bike. Tsoy was a real light person, and that’s why I decided the bike paintwork to be so much his favorite yellow.
Those who are well acquainted with his creative world will find quite a lot of familiar images: the sunlight crown, replicas of his paintings on the front and rear fenders, the outline of Leningrad at white night, the inscription type on the fuel tank. And the portrait: a reproduction of the characteristic and, in my opinion, best photograph of Viktor Tsoy (by Yuri Chashkin). There’s no doubt that the motorcycle came out questionable, even challenging to some extent, but it cannot be different. I’m confident that evaluations of the bike will be contrary, diametrically opposite.
But my view on that person is just like that.
I believe I can afford it.
Yuri Shif.
Artwork – Gleb Donskov.
Photo – Andrei Shchukin.