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… images of two bikes, developed under the order of «MOTOVELO» company from Minsk, appeared in the Gallery.
«Neo Classik» is realized in worldwide popular now «new classic» style. Its typical design associates with the legendary British bikes of the 60-es. In the same time it is very recognizable as «soviet classics» – very famous and popular among several generations «Minsk» bike, produced in hundreds of thousands during the second half of the previous century. But «Neo Classic» is fundamentally new bike. A lot of modifications were made in the most of units and parts, also in the chassis, what considerably improved the riding quality. The first 100 bikes are already assembled at the «MOTOVELO» factory. «Streetfighter » is the prototype of light motorcycle for young bikers. The future of this project is not determined yet. Both bikes equipped with ex-HONDA 4-stroke engines 125 and 200 cc.