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In English Ducky means green duckling.
-What has that to do with a duckling? — you will ask. And now let’s keep to the point.
For years on the working table of Yuri there was a duckling in a bike helmet. Moving from one workshop to another the duckling always remained at his place. And then its moment of glory came in!
Ducky has become the winner of the European BikerBuildOff-2015.
After three days in front of everybody the bike was assembled and the engine started. It was the closing day when voting of visitors was held and Ducky bike won with the margin of five votes.
But continuation was not long in coming. Ducky was demonstrated at the international exhibition MotorBikeExpo-2016 in Verona. Touching the feelings of guests who kept repeating incredibly beautiful italian word «complimenti», as well as the feelings of the respected jury of the BikeShow, that was organized under the sponsorship of the ChustomChromeEurope company, the bike took the first place in the category «Championship».