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«We can’t help admiring the fact that this motorcycle impressed so much both general public and specialists.
Europeans showed big interest in it, and foreign mass media gave the bike good references and reviews.
That’s why here we’d like to expand on some issues we were asked about. The first one is, «How did it start?»
The start was made by a friend of ours Vlad Sazonov, when he came out with a proposal to «do something of a kind» with an old good Ducati Monster S4 made in the year 2000. At that, the customer wanted it to look like a low-rider or even some kind of chopper, necessarily black-colored and decorated with skulls.
The original idea was corrected a bit during the process of its implementation. Frankly speaking, there was little left from the customer’s idea, as well as from the donor motorcycle – the engine, gear box and some minorities. But as a result the customer received a unique white (but none of goody-goody) machine named DUster (combination of Ducati and Monster), which has really made a dust».